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About Us – Become Sober is not so Hard and Keep Going Sober is Easy

It is about us is just all about going to become sober post struggling with alcohol.

Making the decision to stop using an addictive substance is an admirable act of bravery that marks the beginning of the sobriety journey. Even if you might not be completely ready to stop drinking or know exactly how to do it, the mere thought that you want to stop and need support is a wonderful beginning to start.

Whether this is your first time feeling like you’ve had enough of drinking or you’ve tried to quit drinking in the past, you want to give sobriety the best shot you can.

Give yourself credit for wanting to take care of your health by putting an end to your drinking and thinking about how you can provide for yourself in the future. If receiving help from a professional right away seems too scary for you, you might try quitting drinking on your own with the support of the following ways for self-help:

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Co-Owners of The Dry Mill (Colin & David, pictured above) are both sober after struggling with alcohol in the past. Colin and David opened The Dry Mill to serve as a resource for those in similar circumstances.

The Dry Mill offers the same social aspects of a typical bar, but without the alcohol. It is a place where people can enjoy a large selection of mocktails, delicious food, and NA beers without the pressure!

Remember that while self-help techniques might be useful, long-term sobriety may necessitate extra support. You can benefit from addiction therapy by gaining insight into any underlying co-occurring issues, developing relapse prevention strategies, and learning coping skills that will help you sustain long-term sobriety.









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